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Below are links to “science in the news” that you can use in your classroom. You will find the latest breaking information on our region’s growth industries and the SciTech focus areas of Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Robotics, Advanced Materials Processes, Environmental Technology and Information Technology.

Biotechnology Biotech symbol

         March 9, 2007 Macular Degeneration: Preserving Eyesight Through Nanotechnology and Regeneration Science
         Feb 22, 2007 UK - Women given all-clear to donate eggs for use in stem-cell research
         Jan 29, 2007 Robotics could speed up stem cell research
         Jan 16, 2007 Genetically modified chickens that produce medicines in their eggs may be the drug factories of the future
         Jan 1, 2007 Genetically engineered cattle could resist mad cow disease
Biotechnology Archives

Nanotechnology Nanotech symbol

         March 19, 2007 Viruses as nanotechnology building blocks for materials and devices: orgranic nanoparticles
         March 7, 2007 Cement and Concrete Combined With Nanotechnology May Hold Key To Reducing Greenhouse Gases and Climate Change
         March 1, 2007 Nanotechnology creates material that reflects virtually no light - new class of nanotechnology materials could lead to more efficient solar cells, brighter LEDs.
         Feb 28, 2007 GE Scientists Discover that Nanostructures on the Surface of Butterfly Wings Exhibit Acute Chemical Sensing Capabilities
         Feb 27, 2007 Man Invents Machine To Cure Cancer
         Feb 7, 2007 Volcanoes and Nanotechnology - Could these forms of carbon already have been generated on Earth millions of years ago?
         Feb 3, 2007 EPA announces grants for nanotechnology research to improve drinking water - aimed at ensuring that the United States has the safest drinking water in the world.
         Jan 31, 2007 Easy-to-Make Nanosensors Tiny electronics-based detectors could provide simple tests for cancer or bioterror agents.
         Jan 30, 2007 Nanotechnology food coming to a fridge near you
         Jan 10, 2007 See in the dark with Nanotechnology! (video clip)
Nanotechnology Archives

Robotics Robotics symbol

         Feb 15, 2007 Space Historian sees Cyborg in our future
         Jan 30, 2007 Robotic Garage Opening in NYC
         Jan 19, 2007 Robotics will be the defining technology for the 21st century.
Robotics Archives

Advanced Materials Processes Adv Matl Processes symbol

         March 27, 2007 Smart Sunglasses Change Color on Demand - They make use of an electrochromic polymer, a material that can alter its levels of darkness and color in response to an electric current.
         March 27, 2007 New Biodegradable Plastics Could Be Tossed into the Sea
         March 2, 2007 Lung-Cancer Breathalyzer: A cheap sensor array that distinguishes the breath of patients with lung cancer.
         March 2, 2007 Bayer Says Materials Science Future is Nanotechnology and BayTubes
         Feb 21, 2007 Maglev (magnetically levitated)launch assist technology may enable commercial space travel.
         Feb 14, 2007 Allegheny General Hospital's Allegheny Singer Research Institute: Fighting brain cancer with electricity
         Feb 9, 2007 Smart Nanobattery to be Environmentally Friendly: batteries that use advanced chemistries but are still safe to dispose
Advanced Materials Processes Archives

Environmental Technology Environmental tech symbol

         March 4, 2007 Oscar Goes Lean, Clean and Green - AND - Best Documentary Feature goes to “An Inconvenient Truth”
         March 1, 2007 Voyage to study an “open wound” on the Atlantic seafloor where the Earth’s deep interior lies exposed without any crust covering
         Feb 26, 2007 Australia to Phase Out Incandescent Lightbulbs
         Feb 14, 2007 Offshore Wind Farm Could Blow Away Energy Needs - The reduced use of fossil fuels would reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the area by 57 percent, even in New England, one of the world’s most highly polluting areas, according to the study.
         Feb 1, 2007 Breaking News: 113 Nations Agree ... Climate Change 'Very Likely' Caused by Humans
         Feb 2007 Susan Solomon helped patch the ozone layer. Now as a leader of a major United Nations Report - out this month - she's going after global warming.
         Jan 22, 2007 Hot New Study: Earth's Heat Can Power Our Future
Environmental Technology Archives

Information Technology Infotech symbol

         March 6, 2007 Days of officially drowning in data almost upon us
         Feb 19, 2007 GPS sneakers locate wearer with press of a button
         Feb 13, 2007 CMU software aids NASA's Mars rovers
         Feb 6, 2007 German police barred from secretly searching computers over Internet
         Feb 4, 2007 Philip Rosedale didn't create Second Life to be a game - he is remaking the Internet — taking it on a giant leap forward.
         Feb 2, 2007 Innovators In The Information Technology Industry
Information Technology Archives

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