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Science In The News Archives

Below are links to “science in the news” from previous years. You will find information on our region’s growth industries and the SciTech focus areas of Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Robotics, Advanced Materials Processes, Environmental Technology and Information Technology.

Biotechnology Biotech symbol

         March 9, 2007 Macular Degeneration: Preserving Eyesight Through Nanotechnology and Regeneration Science
         Feb 22, 2007 UK - Women given all-clear to donate eggs for use in stem-cell research
         Jan 29, 2007 Robotics could speed up stem cell research
         Jan 16, 2007 Genetically modified chickens that produce medicines in their eggs may be the drug factories of the future
         Jan 1, 2007 Genetically engineered cattle could resist mad cow disease
         12/26/2006 Industry group gives scientists the go-ahead for genetically engineered peanuts - the work could lead to peanuts with enhanced flavor, more vitamins and nutrients, and possibly even nuts that are less likely to trigger allergic reactions
         12/18/2006 Gene linked with autism found
         12/15/2006 World's first cloned cat has kittens
         11/15/2006 Neanderthal DNA sequenced - could assist understanding human evolution
         11/14/2006 Scientists study genes, severe injuries
         9/8/2006 New publications, experiments and breakthroughs in biotechnology--and what they mean.
         7/14/2006 Biotech crop growers moving into clothing industry
         5/31/06 Evolution seen in a yogurt cup
         5/22/2006 Stem cells - a cure for incontinence?
         4/26/2006 2nd DNA test to free man jailed in 1988 slaying near Kennywood
         4/3/2006 The first complex organ, the bladder, has been rebuilt in seven patients from living tissue cultivated in the lab
         3/27/2006 Scientists bring home the bacon with healthy pig fat
         3/26/2006 Mouse testicle cells behave like stem cells
         3/4/2006 A new collaboration for regenerating tissue lost in battle includes the military, Pittsburgh Tissue Engineering Initiative, the McGowan Institute.
         2/16/2006 Stem Cells multiplied from your own blood to strengthen your own heart? (picture #10)
         2/14/2006 Biotech's Current Harvest
         1/17/2006 Custom-Made Microbes, at Your Service
         12/26/2005 International team including Penn State reps recovered DNA from a woolly mammoth. Study also served as a proof-of-principle exercise for a new gene sequencing technology, developed by Carnegie Mellon University graduate.
         12/20/2005 Korean scandal - the possibility that cloning experiments were faked threatens to undermine confidence in stem-cell research.
         10/23/2005 Scientists aim for clone cure to bird flu
         7/2005 The Stem Cell Divide
         6/24/2005 In Pitt study, adult stem cells show potential for therapeutic use
         4/3/2005 Genetic patch treats 'bubble-boy' disease
         10/25/2004 The Battle Over Stem Cells (Newsweek)

Nanotechnology Nanotech symbol

         March 19, 2007 Viruses as nanotechnology building blocks for materials and devices: orgranic nanoparticles
         March 7, 2007 Cement and Concrete Combined With Nanotechnology May Hold Key To Reducing Greenhouse Gases and Climate Change
         March 1, 2007 Nanotechnology creates material that reflects virtually no light - new class of nanotechnology materials could lead to more efficient solar cells, brighter LEDs.
         Feb 28, 2007 GE Scientists Discover that Nanostructures on the Surface of Butterfly Wings Exhibit Acute Chemical Sensing Capabilities
         Feb 27, 2007 Man Invents Machine To Cure Cancer
         Feb 7, 2007 Volcanoes and Nanotechnology - Could these forms of carbon already have been generated on Earth millions of years ago?
         Feb 3, 2007 EPA announces grants for nanotechnology research to improve drinking water - aimed at ensuring that the United States has the safest drinking water in the world.
         Jan 31, 2007 Easy-to-Make Nanosensors Tiny electronics-based detectors could provide simple tests for cancer or bioterror agents.
         Jan 30, 2007 Nanotechnology food coming to a fridge near you
         Jan 10, 2007 See in the dark with Nanotechnology! (video clip)
         12/4/2006 Nanotechnology - in my toothpaste...?
         10/23/2006 Hip chip uses nanotechnology to monitor healing
         10/23/2006 Nanotechnology saves Renaissance masterpieces, Mayan wallpaintings, and old shipwrecks
         10/16/2006 Nanoparticle Sheets Form Spontaneously
         10/5/2006 Nanotechnology: Sold in a Store Near You
         2/17/2006 Fruit of the Nano-Loom New textiles tap polymer science to both trap and kill toxins -- all while wicking away sweat.
          9/2005 Nano-Nano: From golf balls to fuel cells, the promise of nanotechnology isn't from out of this world, but some place better - Pittsburgh!
         8/17/2005 Nanotechnology Driving Sports to New Lengths
         7/31/2005 The solar-powered soldier
         5/15/2005 'Programmable matter' one day could transform itself into all kinds of look-alikes real Shape shifting!
         3/31/2005 Artificial Retina Gets Diamond Coating
         11/13/2004 EPA moves to determine safety of new, invisibly tiny materials

Robotics Robotics symbol

         Feb 15, 2007 Space Historian sees Cyborg in our future
         Jan 30, 2007 Robotic Garage Opening in NYC
         Jan 19, 2007 Robotics will be the defining technology for the 21st century.
         11/20/2006 SciTech speaker, Chris Urmson, on the CMU robot car that is facing urban traffic challenges
         11/16/2006 New Robot Adapts to Injuries
         10/12/2006 Watch and Listen to RuBot II Robot Solving a Rubik's Cube!
         10/4/2006 Physician performs state's first heart valve repair using robotics
         8/23/2006 Robotics team rolls out Ballbot at Carnegie Mellon
         8/9/2006 'Nana tech' aimed at the elderly - includes use of robotics, informations teachnology and more!
         7/18/2006 MIT engineers and scientists are working on a strategy that could unleash a swarm of baseball sized robots onto the surface of Mars. (click & scroll down)
         6/27/2006 Robocup 2006: CMU robots are world soccer champs
         6/16/2006 Developed on Our North Side, Fast-food assistant 'Hyperactive Bob' is an example of robots' growing role
         4/28/2006 Watch this robot go! This robot shatters speed walking record.
         4/25/2006 We're learning from robots about ourselves
         4/20/2006 Robot Hall of Fame Inductions
         4/19/2006 Undersea robotic surgeries controlled by doctor 1300 miles away (see image #12)
         4/12/2006 Industry breakthrough for CMU Snake-like robots made to aid in rescues
         3/27/2006 PBS Documentary chronicles CMU's contestants in race of the robots
         2/16/2006 Quirky Android (picture #2)
         11/2005 Robot ride breaks through coaster limitations (see page 22)
         6/9/2005 Battlefield Robots Saving Lives in Iraq
         6/7/2005 The “first ever” robotic pitch takes place in a Pirates/Orioles Game!
         6/7/2005 A Better Robot, With Help From Roaches

Advanced Materials Processes Adv Matl Processes symbol

         March 27, 2007 Smart Sunglasses Change Color on Demand - They make use of an electrochromic polymer, a material that can alter its levels of darkness and color in response to an electric current.
         March 27, 2007 New Biodegradable Plastics Could Be Tossed into the Sea
         March 2, 2007 Lung-Cancer Breathalyzer: A cheap sensor array that distinguishes the breath of patients with lung cancer.
         March 2, 2007 Bayer Says Materials Science Future is Nanotechnology and BayTubes
         Feb 21, 2007 Maglev (magnetically levitated)launch assist technology may enable commercial space travel.
         Feb 14, 2007 Allegheny General Hospital's Allegheny Singer Research Institute: Fighting brain cancer with electricity
         Feb 9, 2007 Smart Nanobattery to be Environmentally Friendly: batteries that use advanced chemistries but are still safe to dispose
         11/1/06 If polymers are the building blocks of creative science, then a Carnegie Mellon University professor and his research team are genies who can make consumer wishes come true.
         10/30/06 Seagate to encrypt data on hard drives - the entire industry will benefit!
         7/19/2006 Power Up: CMU team develops technology to make the energized bunny run farther
         6/28/2006 'Science of Superman' breaks down his strengths
         5/9/2006 Windshields that display information for the driver and...
         3/22/2006 Plastics get faster, thinner - and it's a radically different manufacturing process!
         3/17/2006 The VeinViewer
         3/7/2006 Military Plans Cyborg Sharks
         3/1/2006 Computer Technology Opens a World - software lets a blind person use keyboard not mouse to navigate a program, voice synthesizers turn text into speech and mouse alternatives for people with limited use of their arms.
         2/27/2006 Geneva auto showing off new ways to use technology - like holographic brake lights, voice-controlled music systems and Web-based diagnostic services, to improve the driving experience.
         2/27/2006 Neuromodulators, the New Neurological Technology
         2/23/2006 Super-Repellent Plastic With GE's new plastic, self-washing buildings, cheap diagnostic chips, and free-flowing honey jars are possible.
         2/20/2006 Moore's Law - Advanced Materials uses Nanotech - Super chips on the Horizon!
         2/15/2006 U.S. Ski Suits Straight Out of Science Fiction
         1/9/2006 High-Tech Rollers: For serious players with the latest equipment, it's a whole new game!
         11/2005 Sprayable "concrete" builds shelters fast
         8/01/2005 Silicon lasers could lead to affordable light-based systems that harness photons instead of electrons to shuttle huge amounts of data swiftly--at multigigabit-per-second rates.
         7/7/2005 Deep sea sponges - source for new ideas for materials science & engineering
         6/18/2005 Has new technology found an earth-like planet?
         5/2005 The (Mostly Improbable) Materials Science and Engineering of the Star Wars Universe
         5/27/2004 Pittsburgh Firm, Agentase, Wins Army Award

Environmental Technology Environmental tech symbol

         March 4, 2007 Oscar Goes Lean, Clean and Green - AND - Best Documentary Feature goes to “An Inconvenient Truth”
         March 1, 2007 Voyage to study an “open wound” on the Atlantic seafloor where the Earth’s deep interior lies exposed without any crust covering
         Feb 26, 2007 Australia to Phase Out Incandescent Lightbulbs
         Feb 14, 2007 Offshore Wind Farm Could Blow Away Energy Needs - The reduced use of fossil fuels would reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the area by 57 percent, even in New England, one of the world’s most highly polluting areas, according to the study.
         Feb 1, 2007 Breaking News: 113 Nations Agree ... Climate Change 'Very Likely' Caused by Humans
         Feb 2007 Susan Solomon helped patch the ozone layer. Now as a leader of a major United Nations Report - out this month - she's going after global warming.
         Jan 22, 2007 Hot New Study: Earth's Heat Can Power Our Future
         12/18/2006 Carnegie Mellon students propose plan to green up city's vacant lots
         12/13/2006 The Future of energy - a debate...and you can enter your opinion!
         2006 An Inconvenient Truth
         12/8/2006 City to use Heinz Field grease to fuel its vehicles or French fry fat = biodiesel
         12/6/2006 Environmental experts recently ranked former Allegheny County resident Rachel Carson and the author of "Silent Spring" as the world's most influential environmentalist. Centennial events listed.
         11/08/2006 Nobel prize winner launches campaign to plant 1 billion trees in 2007
         11/03/2006 Americans Rank Climate Change as the Top Environmental Problem
         7/11/2006 ALL new property developments in Scotland will need to produce some of their own electricity
         7/11/2006 Sheetz store in Pleasant Hills first to offer ethanol-based fuel
         6/27/2006 Scientists OK Gore's movie for accuracy
         6/26/2006 Pittsburgh gets poor air quality ranking. Area continues to have bad traffic congestion.
         6/26/2006 Proposed building incentives for eco-friendliness
         6/25/2006 Fill 'er up with plant waste Rising oil prices spur hopes for extracting ethanol from biomass
         5/26/2006 Water eventually could be an economic influence, possible cause of war
         3/24/2006 "Troubled Waters 2006" - Industrial and municipal facilities in Pennsylvania are dumping more pollution into waterways than is permitted by law.
         1/29/2006 New potential engergy source?
         12/15/2005 How clean are Pittsburgh's Rivers?
         11/25/2005 Ancient gas bubbles back theory of human-related global warming.
         11/19/2005 Pandas are part of a captive insurance policy for animals who are in danger of extinction.
         11/03/2005 One of 13 buildings in Pennsylvania and 96 nationwide to receive the gold Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design rating.
         10/15/2005 CMU solar-powered house takes 10th place at competition
         10/10/2005 Louisianans plan to protect themselves by protecting the environment first.
         8/25/2005 On CMU campus, students build solar-powered house for national competition
         6/17/2005 Pittsburgh ranks low! America's Cleanest Cities - five areas: air quality, drinking water quality, airborne toxic material, hazardous waste and the number of workers devoted to recycling activities.

Information Technology Infotech symbol

         March 6, 2007 Days of officially drowning in data almost upon us
         Feb 19, 2007 GPS sneakers locate wearer with press of a button
         Feb 13, 2007 CMU software aids NASA's Mars rovers
         Feb 6, 2007 German police barred from secretly searching computers over Internet
         Feb 4, 2007 Philip Rosedale didn't create Second Life to be a game - he is remaking the Internet — taking it on a giant leap forward.
         Feb 2, 2007 Innovators In The Information Technology Industry
         12/18/2006 Virtual reality boosts rehab in Israel
         12/13/2006 Pittsburgh's Super Computer's model earthquake data and runs a simulation in real time
         11/13/2006 T-shirt turns air guitar into music
         10/31/06 Computing, 2016: What Won’t Be Possible?
         10/27/2006 PUPILS at a Scots primary school have become the first in the world to pay for their lunches by having their palms scanned rather than by handing over cash.
         7/18/2006 Brainy Robots Start Stepping Into Daily Life
         5/24/2006 Honda Successfully Develop and ATR New Brain-Machine Interface Creating Technology for Manipulating Robots Using Human Brain Activity
         5/19/2006 Serious Games Movement, this genre is "about taking resources of the (video) games industry and applying them outside of entertainment"
         5/10/2006 Students tackle health of world's poor with technology
         4/25/2006 What brings personal jets to the masses? Lots of computing.
There's a lot of new science involved.
         2/16/2006 Alaska Volcano Observatory - Data Collection (picture #13)
         2/13/2006 Can computer match prized violins' sound?
         2/12/2006 Olympic Snowboarding - Fully wired At the Halfpipe
         1/02/2006 Over the holidays 50 years ago, two scientists hatched artificial intelligence
         1/2006 Tsunami: Scientists and warning centers are now better prepared to forecast
         12/09/2005 Pitt School of Medicine gets contract to help create virtual immune system - computer modeling is a tool of growing importance in many areas of science.
         10/28/2005 Let's talk! The computer can translate
         10/28/2005 A Virtual Holiday in the Virtual Sun
         9/28/2005 The University of Pittsburgh is launching a research center dedicated to forwarding technology that uses radio waves to identify objects and people from a distance - RFID Technology.
         8/01/2005 CMU helps teach computers to see
         7/20/2005 Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center debuts high-end computer
         3/14/2005 Alzheimer's Seen in the Living Brain
         3/2005 Science & Technology website for teenage girls initiated

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